Serenerik / カミュセニャ Index

A directory of fanworks for the relationship between Erik and Serena from Dragon Quest XI.

"Two people who seem different, but are quite alike"

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It's rather quiet on this side of the water…but smallness always has charms of it's own.

Fanfiction Recommendations

Most modern fanfiction on the English internet in general is on Archive of our Own (AO3), and this ship is no exception, for both friendship and romance—though there are a few of the latter on ( as well.

  • Read My Heart / Galaxy_Phoenix / AO3 / friendship / complete, 2.5k words / Erik finds himself out of his element—both in the heat and when it comes to understanding those weird symbols you see on paper—so Serena decides to give him a hand.

  • Letters for the Lost and Found midnight_marimba / AO3 / friendship / complete, 5.7k words / Particularly focused on the aftermath of a certain hero's departure (and unexpected return) at the end of Act II, with them traveling along Mia and seeing the rest of the party in the aftermath.

  • Beautiful Soul / SkyRaisin / / smut / complete, 5.2k words / The sole piece of Serenerik erotica on the western internet.* After backtracking to Gallopolis to pick up a certain costume on their own, their night at the campsite goes about as you'd expect.

  • To us. / Pandolphin / AO3 / friendship / complete, 3.3k words / In the wake of finding and losing, Erik and Serena agree to share what they have.

  • The (Stupidest) Things Erik Does For Love / Puffinpastry / AO3 / poly romance with the hero / 1.8k words / A rather self-explanatory title, featuring his vehement resignation of being coerced into wearing a Sylvan-boyant outfit and being smushed in bed by two partners.

  • The Healer and the Vagabond jwSD (hey look it me) / AO3 / romance(-ish) / +180k words / Serenerik-based retelling of DQXI's story that's nearly impossible to summarize. Most of it is written to toy with pretty much every expectation you might have about not just Erik and Serena, but an amalgam of fan consensus, the game's mechanics, and the ethos of Dragon Quest as a series.

* no longer true as of 7.4.2021 with Kumikoko's American Girl (requires an AO3 account to read)


The sole pieces of Serenerik art on the western internet are by a lone @little_tayaki. More will be added to the gallery when found.

Click the pic to see more at their tumblr.


Fans of カミュセニャ generally gather on Twitter, with most works made for annual occasions like the hashtags #カミュセニャ版ワンドロワンライ (One-Hour Drawings and Writings) and #カミュセニャの日祭り (Kamyusenya Festival Day).

#カミュセニャの日祭り are the easiest for for non-Japanese fans to browse and find artists with, and as of 2021 has a dedicated account @CamuSenyaDay.

Some good tags to browse are:

レギュラー画家 (Regular Artists)

All art belongs to the creators.

おる (oru)

ゆうたか (yuutaka)

ナナノチネビ (nanano)

おいしいおかゆ (oisiokayu)

何太郎 (nantaro)

ベギ (begi)

らっか (rakka)

ハルナ (haruna)

りんご (apple)

モチ (mochi)

ふぃび (phoebe)

さおり (saori)

みー (mii)

みーしゃ (miija)

せなち (senachi)

小説家 (Writers)

Obviously these creators' works are much harder to enjoy if you can't read Japanese (though they are nice to try if you're in the process of learning!), but they still deserve a place here nonetheless.

小波 (konami)@bluedahlia573link
Mad Hatter@Blood_Risetulink
さりゅー (saryuu)@1hJKO3YvlGD0FB6link
皚葵 (aoi)@aoi124_sslink
六花 (rikka)@3Aen8link
ほのたん (honotan)@honotandokkinlink
かなた (kanata)@knt882322link

ときどき (Others)

For folks who only intermittently make stuff or moved onto other fandoms.

オデコッコ (odekokko)@tate_ojisamayes
ろこ (roco)@roco_coro916n/a
モンディ (mondi)@mondi_hln/a
モグ (mog)@mog_dqn/a
えーてぃら (etira)@AthiraOthirayes
わらびー (warabii)@warabizzzyes
もんち (monchi)@monchichi207n/a
かよる (kayoru)@min_miy_loven/a